February 27, 2009

The long distance Booty Call.

Hot Stuff has been away from home for 2 weeks.
I have missed him.
Tonight, I am driving to see him and Man-oh-Man am I excited!
Lets just say, that I need to see him.
I realllly need to see that man!

My best friend called me this morning and, as usual, the topic of sex came up.
People think men are bad about "locker-room talk"???

Those men have nothing on us!
We talk about everything.
When he did that we like.
What he does that we don't like.
Ideas for things to try.
Warnings about things we must avoid.

I've given her instructions on the famous, no man can see straight for days, Hot-n-Cold Blow Job.
She told me about her friend "Delta" (a fabulous hand-held shower head).
We are close friends to say the least.

Well.... One day she mentioned to her husband that she was reading a good book, and there happened to be a pretty damn hot and steamy sex scene in the book. (so of course I had to run out and buy it too!)
He was intrigued.

That night when they went to bed, he was thrilled to see that she was quite excited and ready to "play" all because of the book.
They have now spent several steamy nights that began with her reading him a "bedtime story".

One book that isn't really about sex only has so many good sex scenes in it, so she was in search of new stories. Of course she called me.
I hoped on Amazon and did a search for womens erotic fiction and we had a blast reading through all the titles and making our book lists.
Now we have to wait for our books to come in.

She gets to wait with her man by her side.
I have to wait in a big cold bed.
He has been gone for 2 weeks and I am NO longer impressed!

I called him and informed him that the time for a conjugal visit was NOW!

I'm driving up there....
He is to be waiting...
On the bed....
Naked in all his glory....
I will be wearing a skirt...
with nothing underneath....
I will thrust open the door and take a flying leap ......
Lets all hope I hand in the right spot...
Impaling myself on Hot Stuff's "stuff" sounds GREAT!

Impaling myself on his bedside table? Not so much....

I will let you know how it turns out.