July 08, 2009

White Socks, (Rant of the Day... again!)

This post will run tomorrow on The Homesteading Housewife...
But I'm thinkin I should have posted it here instead....
So we'll just post it in BOTH blogs!

OK.... is it only me?
Please tell me it is NOT only me!

I have 5 men/boys living in this house.
Each of those men/boys has two feet.
Each of those feet wear some sort of white sock. (well, they start out white, but that's a whole another rant for another day)
Each man/boy gets 12 pairs of white socks 2 times a year = 240 white socks a year.
There are always some left over from the year before that are still good = 300 white socks.

I always try to buy the same brand of socks so they are easier to match.

Man-of-My-Dreams = Long socks
Worker #1 = kinda short socks, just over the ankle.
Worker #2 = VERY short-so-you-can't-see-em-above-his-shoes socks.
Worker #3 = mid way between the ankle & knee shocks.
Worker #4= doesn't care either way, but most are kinda short.

So, we have approximately 300 white socks for the men-folk of the house.
WHY is it, that I am sitting here after finishing folding and matching socks and I have 23 mismatched white socks?!?!?!?

Seriously... 23!!!
Not one of them is like another one anywhere in the whole stinking pile!!
How many ways are there to make white socks for men/boys?!?!?
They are white socks for cryin out loud!!!

There should be some council somewhere that regulates the making of white socks.
There should be a few different lengths/styles that come in various sizes.

But 23 totally different white socks???
How is this possible???

Can someone please explain to me why on earth there are so many types of white socks??
Is this a serious need?

Is there some high priced white sock engineer sitting in an office somewhere in front of his drawing board who seriously thinks.. "Hey! The buying public just doesn't have enough styles of white socks to choose from to cover their poor feet. I think I'll design a brand new type of white sock!"???

If there IS indeed a White Sock Council what is their address???
I would LOVE to write them a letter!

ok... I feel better now, Thank you for listening.


dykewife said...

you must be the neighbourhood lost white sock receptacle. your drier is the place where all the other people's lost white socks go.

that and sleep overs of the boy's friends. i find different socks that i know don't belong to boy periodically. usually from a sleep over that happened a few weeks before. getting the odd sock back to the friend is always a challenge.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

mismatched socks is a major pet peeve of mine. I just have a basket i throw them in, but once separated they never find their way back to one another. All those white socks would drive me absolutely mad!

Anonymous said...

I don't even mate socks for all of my guys. I always buy them the same kind (different for all 4 of them). Then, I just put them in a pile for each of them.

There are far more importan things than mated socks. As long as they are happy w/ the two on their feet, I don't care!!

I got started on this back when my husband discovered one of his frugal friends never through sox away if the mate got a hole. He just paired it w/ a similar sock. Works for me!

Anonymous said...

It took me some (long) time to figure that out! I , too, have a basket with miss match socks, I call them "orphans"!!! I too have a bogyman living between my washer and dryer (because hubby decided to match his 2 socks together before putting them in the laundry basket and no matter what, there is always one or two missing after drying!!!! but when it comes to the kids, I found the culprit!!!!!! Sleepover.... their friends are living the next day with a clean pair of socks from my boys drawer, leaving behind a dirty pair that ends up in the dirty pile, that ends up been clean and not matching any of my sons socks!!! I have 2 teenage boys, I have an average of 4 to 5 kids home every night, make the count... For that, and only that matter, LOL, bless Walmart...and cheap socks...

Ellie said...

boys must match own socks. Or no socks!

mannamomof4 said...

At my house, worn out and "orphaned" socks get their toes cut off and slit down the back to become dust/grungy cleaning rags. That'll teach 'em!

Leah said...

LOL, that happens in my home too. I swear the manufactures of said white socks make one with thread the disolves in water so it washes away in the washing machine.

Kate said...

I say just close your eyes, fold them together then see if any of the men/boys notice!

Teri Eddy said...

I hate matching socks together. I've recently made that a chore for the boys. Besides, I can't tell which socks go to which boy anymore. They can so they are much more qualified to match them. Gotta utilize your resources, right?

Lacey said...

It's much like that around here...only with black socks...I never knew there were so many different shades of black...or so many different shapes of socks. But my hubby doesn't really care if they match perfectly anyway so I usually just match the ones that are obvious and then just slap the rest of them together with one that looks pretty close!!

Adams Young said...

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