January 20, 2009

Well Great!

Well I suck! I started this blog with grand plans of it being a place where I would come and be able to give a totally uncensored view of whats going on in my screwed up head.
A place to rant, spew my un-prettified thoughts.
and look at it....
It is empty!

Is it empty because I have had nothing to bitch about?

Is it empty because I have become a sweet perfect mommy who doesn't think nasty thoughts anymore?
Not a chance!

Maybe it's empty because my children have decided to become some of those perfect kids who always do as they are told and give me no grief?
I couldn't even type that with a straight face!

Is it empty because I discovered that a nice bottle of Crown is better than blogging and have been in an alcohol-induced stupor?

Nope... Its simple really...

I'm a slacker,
Yep, I'm a fat lazy slacker who forgot she had this page to bitch on...
But I have remembered now....

You have been warned!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I am elated that you became one of my followers. I tell you that reading your blog has had me laughing it up. I your thought pattern here!