May 19, 2009

Vrrooooom! GIVEAWAY!! (Ridemakerz)

This week-end we got the chance to try out RIDEMAKERZ!
Think 'Build-a-Bear' but with Super-Cool Remote Control Cars!!!

This is a FANTASTIC idea for boys and girls!
My 16 yr old boys had just as much fun as my 9 yr old!
My 5 year old Daughter said it was "Awesome!".
And the Man-of-My-Dreams finally got a chance to design and build his dream car.

We all did!
Oh BOY! You should see my Big Girl Truck!

We went to a Mall location where we had a blast!

If you don't have a Ridemakerz location near you,
You can design your own online and they'll ship it right to your door!

Check out and see what YOU can build!

Fathers Day is right around the corner!
What a perfect idea for a fun Dad & Child day!!

I'm gonna help someone out!

Watch the video about our trip to RIDEMAKERS,
See how you can win a $100 gift certificate to RIDEMAKERZ or!!!

Good Luck!!


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Good Luck!

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BrnEyedGal said...

Oh my DREAM car was a Porsche 911...I wanted one so bad...(and yes, it had to be red! LOL)
ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

Such a cool son would LOVE this! :)

RosemarieG said...

Ok, that is too cool!!!!

My dream car (when I was six years old or so) was.........

now don't laugh........

a green Gremlin. Don't ask me why I thought that was a cool car. Its absolutely horrendous!!!! When I was in my teen years, my dream car was a '59 Corvette convertible. I'd say my taste has improved with age!!!!


BrnEyedGal said...

I tweeted this,

Ninja Fujiko said...

When I was younger and still now, I wanted a DeLorean. Always looked awesome in the Back to the Future movies.
cnburkhardt at

Chickenista said...

OMG! I love this. My dream car was and always will be the Camaro. A 1973 Camaro Ahhhh!!

Veronica Fulton

Chickenista said...

I just tweeted {excuse me} :)


Veronica Fulton

Anonymous said...

My dream car when I was young was my Grandpas kit car. It was built from the floor up and was corvette yellow. I never knew the name of that thing and to this day he just calls it his "kit car" so maybe thats the name? Either way, my Grandpa made me feel super special when he let me ride in it with him and I still remember the day we sold it at the car show.......

Adrienne S. said... dream car was a huge jacked up Toyota pickup:)

Cindy said...

How much fun would that be!!!?!??! My dream car is a 1965 red Mustang convertible....... yes, that would make everyone think I'm in a midlife crisis!

Tatersmama said...

Pick me! Pick me!

This is SO COOL! My grandsons would have an absolute ball!
And maybe leave their dad's toys alone! LOL!

My dream car ( and I had it 'til a boyfriend totalled it) was a '57 Chevy Bel Aire!
But to import one to Oz? Out of my league nowadays. :-(

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea! My son always hates the build a bear parties and this would be right up his alley. And...the girls would love it as well.

Anonymous said...

My dream car is a BIGGGG Truck. Bad girls drive big trucks.

oh and pick me pick me.

My hubby is in Korea and will be gone for my sons birthday, fathers day and his birthday. Once he gets back I know he would love to do this with our son.


Indy Cookie said...

I so wanted the car from Starsky and Hutch!!

Anonymous said...

Wow cool give away. This would be so much fun to win. My dream car would be a 57 chevy it would take me winning the lottery.

Shaie said...

Oh! Pick me! Please! My hubby and kids would absolutely love this!!! What a great giveaway. And I know my hubby definately deserves this after all the hard work he did for our garden.

I don't remember a specific models... but I always wanted a jeep, they seemed like something you could really have a lot of fun in.

BTW, I just discovered your blog the other day and love your great stories and info. I'm hoping to become a homesteading mama myself in New Mexico. Thanks for all the information you provide on your website as well. You are a busy woman!

Shaie said...

I just tweeted this.


Cindi said...

When I was 19 all I wanted was a yellow Camero....I really wanted it! Never got it!

finereem said...

pick me pick me pick me hehe

I would spend the all the day long playing

Tina said...

What a great givaway. My family would love that place! Hope I win:-)

Bobbi Piner said...

Nice giveaway but if I win I don't know who would want it more my daughter or husband

Bobbi Piner said...


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! My dream car was
a Corvette Stingray!!!

Gonna have to check and see if they
have one of these in my
grandson would love it!

Milehimama said...

Ok, I'm entering here!

Milehimama said...

And I tweeted, too!


Oops email is mommyjo2[at]yahoo[dot]com

Wendy said...

My dream ride was a silver Corvette Stingray.

My first car was a VW bug, it was silver blue, though...

Wendy said...

I just tweeted this as well.

Really want to get the cars!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to be able to do that with my boys. it would be such a perfect way to spend some time with them.

marlene lester

Tania said...

I wish there was one of these closer - I so want to take the boys!! Maybe a road trip in our future!

Tania said...

Just tweeted this! Fantastic!


Saph @ Walk With Me said...

That's so cool! RC cars/trucks aren't just for kids! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! My boys are going to be so happy when they find out that we get to build some really cools cars. My boys, heck I am excited that I get to go!!!! I got two birds with one stone. I get to read all the cool stuff on Danas websites and I got to win something that is going to make our day.

Thanks Dana,

M Lester