April 26, 2009

Play Ball!!

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink has started playing T-Ball.
She Loves it!
She loves warming up with the team...

She is a very strong batter.

She would be thrilled to bat all day.
She hits the ball farther than most of the other 4 & 5 year old girls.
They call her "The Hitter". (hey! 4 & 5 year old girls aren't the most creative nickname givers. Give em a break!)
"The Hitter"
She loves to run the bases.
Even when her batting helmet flops around because they don't make one small enough for 5 year old girls.
She runs like the wind!
They call her "The Runner"
"The Runner"
After the batting and the running comes the Out-fielding.
Being an outfielder is NOT her favorite part of the game.

I think she finds it kinda dull.
She wants to be where the real action is.

She takes her place in the outfield and watches for the ball. (in the outfield? on the outfield? out the outfield?)
She starts strong.
Then she kinda loses interest...

"...there is a string on my Mitt..."
She is ready for any fly-balls that might come her way.

Um.... Did I mention she is a really REALLY strong Hitter?

She graciously lets someone else wear the crown of "The Outfielder"


Katidids said...

Oh, I remember thse days, the fun & pain of watchng them learn!

Chickenista said...

Too funny, I remember when mine started.. the first half of the season "if" he hit the ball (yes in t-ball) he always ran to third then second...so on. It was so dang cute!

justjoycee said...

I remember my son's t-ball days very fondly. It's a wonderful activity for the kids.